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Train Dispatcher Software

We stopped selling Train Dispatcher, Track Builder and track territories on April 30, 2012.  However, since we continue to receive many requests to purchase Train Dispatcher 3.5 and Track Builder 3.1, we have decided to sell un-supported versions on  Go to ebay and search on Train Dispatcher, Track Builder or click on one of the buttons below to purchase.


Once you completed the purchase we will within 2 business days send you via email your password, serial number and instructions for downloading.  Prior to purchase you can download the programs and manuals using the buttons at the bottom of the page

On April 30, 2012 we also stopped providing free unlimited support for these products.

If you are a current owner of these products you can still download them from the links below.  However, the territories in the "For Sale" territory library are no longer for sale.  We provide the downloads so that customers who previously purchased them can get access.


Please note that the latest versions of Train Dispatcher and Track Builder will run on Windows 7 and 10. There have been problems running them on Vista.   We do not know if they will run on Windows 8.


The programs can only be downloaded.  We no longer sell the programs on CDs.

You can download the programs and the manuals from the links below.


Password / Serial Lookup Support

If you need us to lookup your passwords or serial numbers for products you have previously purchased, there will be a charge.

The price for the first password or serial number lookup is $10.  Each additional password or serial number lookup after the first will be an additional $1 up to a maximum of $20.

Please note that we no longer provide CDs.

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